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to force one's self to puke as in fashion with the olsen twin
i had so much pizza i had to pull a mary-kate, no dumbass i didn't take it up the ass, i puked.
by the February 16, 2005
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the language derrived from english that inhabits aol and msn and such.
i gtg, latta. lmao, rofl, ttyl, ;), lol, and other such crap
by the November 14, 2004
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Silly little men that think that having a dead rat on their face makes them look powerfull, also giving them something else to play with beside their own cocks
by the May 14, 2003
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the best fucking house alive. this is animal house for the 30th century.
guy 1-where u living now
guy 2-robot house, u?
guy 1-some gay fudgepacking frat
guy 2-loser
by the November 13, 2004
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