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when a girl is giving you head and you lightly hold her head (so she can breathe) and fart, this forces her to breathe through her mouth (while your dick is still in her mouth) so she doesnt smell the fart.
the blonde chick had to complete a beathalyzer test for the officer.
by the December 27, 2005
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a fucking hilarious word, i guess it could be crabs, bit it sounds funny as hell
that douchebag is a fucking grundle gnome
by the October 25, 2004
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the best fucking house alive. this is animal house for the 30th century.
guy 1-where u living now
guy 2-robot house, u?
guy 1-some gay fudgepacking frat
guy 2-loser
by the November 14, 2004
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Sexual intercourse where one pukes on their penis and rolls back and forth like cleveland steamers.
Boy: Me love some gooly.
Girl: Sure, I do love gooly and I'm scatting your ass!
by the January 15, 2021
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the dream of a baby, to have a mother whose tits dispense whiskey as opposed to the tradional milk. If evolution occuredthen for a lactose intollerant baby this would happen
the baby and the father are fighting over the mother's whiskey tits.
by the December 21, 2004
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when you are fucking a girl you blow your load on her in a pile so you can dip your mushroom tip in it and use it like a paintbrush to paint the bitch's face, its like a 2nd degree facial.
i gave your mom a good face painting last nite.
by the December 16, 2004
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similar to the male's sausage fest, this is a party where it is all females. originates from the term pink taco.
the ladies had a taco fiesta last nite
by the October 22, 2004
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