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Brang is another word for brought, Brang isnt a word, and my mom keeps getting mad at me for saying it so if this get published, maybe she will beleive me.

Brang is like Brought
I brang my shirt up from kelowna to kamloops,
I brang my make-up also.
by Ashlee Clarke January 05, 2006
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The idiots way of brought or brung
Idiot: Have you brang your suitcase
Smart Man: Shut up its brought (or brung)
by Warren Presky March 30, 2013
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see also brung
ghetto for "brought"
i brang mah homiez to da phat partayyy
by ballz July 17, 2003
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Noun: The slippery underside of green algae. Also commonly found on certain members of the Chromista, the Rhodophyta, and photosynthetic bacteria.
Please scrape off the brang before adding the algae to our soup. It makes the soup too bitter.
by Mr.Hanky April 29, 2006
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A 6'4" alcoholic ogre who is more animal than man, that legend says lives in the city of Kelowna, Canada. Kinda like the Ogopogo but able to walk up-right on land, the Brang possesses 10 time the strength of a bigfoot.
Look out! the Brang is attacking!
by yeti tracker April 19, 2008
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