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Basically the Detroit of B.C filled with meth heads and crack heads and lots more. If you want to get piss drunk and go missing Kelowna is the place to be. For sights to see we have the Asian invasion in the summer ( BUSES AND BUSES OF ASIANS COMING AND PHOTOGRAPHING LIKE ITS DISNEY LAND WITH THE KIDS ) and the mall which if normally filled with people and the heat is like an Easy bake oven.
Steve: Hey bud you heading down K-Town way

Kolby : Nah man I'm going to Rutland to get some juice for the E-cig bud.

Steve: Holy bud I love the prius whats the mileage on that baby
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by K-TOWN February 23, 2017
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(Ke'low'na) Also known as K-Town

Kelowna is a growing city resting on the edge of the Okanagan Lake.

Party Mecca for Canadian teens. But has a big problem with: Wiggers, Natives, and Crystle Meth.
Zach: Hey Chad lets go get our drink on and our fuck on.
Chad: Yeah Zach I'm thinking we hit up Kelowna.
Zach: Kelowna it is! As long as we don't lost in Rutland again and get stuck smoking Crystle Meth.
by Zachary Jilg November 18, 2007
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Also known as K-town to the locals

A growing city on the edge of Okanagan Lake. Origally was home to the popular "Floating bridge". It has been replaced.

Population expands in the summer making this place the best for loud, wild parties. Everyone here is proud to represent being home to Canada's "bc bud".

Some of the most intense wake boarding you will ever see in your life happens right here. Although there is a problem with large amounts of elderly people that cannot operate vehicles properly, this place pretty much kicks BC ass!
Joe: Hey! I'm heading down to Kelowna for "Wakefest" this summer, you showing up?

Kyle: Heck yes! That is the most intense part of the summer!

Joe: I'll see you there and we will smoke some weed and party!

Kyle: Totally!
by omgitsme_again May 15, 2011
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