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Acronym: International Brotherhood of Fifth Squad.
There goes those IBOFS guys talking their crypto-homo banter.
by Red February 16, 2005
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to refer to your patna when he is ackin a fu'

used explicitly when baggin on your homies to they face.
Shut up you muggalunch ass muhfocka!
by Red April 8, 2004
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I bet you bet not brang yo ass in da middle of da skreet.
by Red February 12, 2004
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A spraypaint cap, or nozzle. Usually not a default one, may be from other cans, such as insect repellant to achieve different tags.
Po's got all my caps, can you hook it?
by Red December 4, 2002
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A condom. Useful tool to prevent your hand from giving you an STD.
I seriously need to get a pack of faptastic plastics.
by Red December 17, 2004
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a junky, someone who with no self control. Often used by sicilian mafia in movies.
"up yours ya fuckin jag off"
by Red January 21, 2003
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