When a woman choses to wear an outfit without the use of a support brassiere. Going without her bra, bare boobed if you will.
"going out braless tonight"
by MikeyVanMichealson May 31, 2006
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The way women have been for the past thousands of years before the invention of the bra, and the way many women still choose to be today. Unfortunately we live in a society made up of controlling assholes who tell us to wear a bra because it is considered "blasphemy" if we don't, but honestly, there are many men walking around outside with no shirt that could also use a bra
Friend: Hang on a second, I have to go put on my bra.
Me: Screw that, I'm going braless!
by KrazyKurves August 4, 2008
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1)when a woman wants to make guys hory

2)when it is easy to see a womans hard nipples

i love when chicks are braless. their hard nipples turn me on
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when a woman (usually some hot chick) doesn't wear a bra so some random dude can come up, reach up her shirt (or just take it off), and feel on her boob(s).

"see that chick right there?"


"well, she's braless. let's go take off her shirt"
by Gobama! December 31, 2009
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(1) the state of being braless, or not wearing a bra;
(2) a feminist act of defiance against normative expectations for women to constrict their breasts in something impractical and useless;
(3) a risky strategy that implies letting your breasts free rein, allowing men and women alike to stare at your wobbly breasts or visible nipples.
- "The moment I get home, I take my bra off and relax. It's always such a relief."
- "Why don't you go braless then? I often go out without a bra."
- "Have you seen my girls? With your flat chest, I'd do it all the time, but I can guarantee you I'd get plenty of stares... Public bralessness is no good for people like me."
by Monticello-W October 18, 2016
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Definition of a female with little to no breasts.
Jim: Check out sharon, nae tits man.
Jaki: Aye man, she's got a pure 'braless strap'!
by oddball324 January 9, 2011
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A word meaning, When one, usually a female with large breasts otherwise known as boobs}, tit, knockers, {ta-ta's, twins, chi-chi's, or boobies, goes out in public not wearing the correct support needed to hold those babies in, and could possibly be sagging a bit. This person could accidentally fall or might possibly attemp to run, jog, or sprint, scaring people because they are a braless titti monster
1.) Steve - Oh man, did you see that girl trying to run to not miss the bus?

Mike- Yeah, she was a braless titti monster

2.) Bettina - Oh my god Krista, I totally forgot to put on a bra before going to the grocery store!

Krista - Wow. You look like a braless titti monster
by Krista aka Shelia April 26, 2008
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