When a woman attacks you with her breast area.
Opps sorry i just boobed you.
by Jeffscriv June 22, 2007
When you intentionally grab or bumb into a womans brest area.
Anthony just boobed her!
by <=-Q-=> November 15, 2004
Past-tense verb describing the action that occures when one intentionally or accidentally attacks and hurts themselves with their boobs
xxbrpunkfreakxx: I boobed myself with your shoulder
by Vertigo October 19, 2004
When, during sex, a man gets knocked out by his partners boobs because she's bouncing too much.
Alex K. got boobed by Haley during sex and sued her for breaking his face.
by HOEZNDBTCHZ November 28, 2010
Used my boobs for chips because my I needed my hands for my phone
by Snackholders March 20, 2016
Things 13 year-olds look up on urban dictionary

While messing with their Ding-dong
Get a life instead of looking up boobs on a FRICKING DICTIONARY
by June 24, 2018
Boobs are proof that god loves us and wants us to be happy.
by Ferret Tamer January 16, 2011