TAS TAS TAS is a sexual term. If a guy comments TAS TAS TAS after you sent a selfie or under your Instagram picture then he wants to have sexual intercourse with you.
Jules: did you TAS TAS TAS that girl last night ?
Juan: yessir, all you could hear was TAS TAS TAS
by Unknown831 February 19, 2019
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A phrase from Post Malones song "rockstar"

Only he knows what it truly means but from the context its used in it appears to mean 'his boys are leaving' similar to 'tata' as in bye bye etc
Post malone pulls up and your boys go grrra ta ta ta
by Stephen tries loves willne October 30, 2017
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another name for boobies. see boobs tits jugs
damn she has hella big ta-tas!
by Shawn T. June 14, 2008
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Tits, usually of the big and bodacious variety. If they're pert, they're ta-tas.
Kerry Lynn has not only a great face, but bodacious ta-tas to boot.
by Sean Brian Kirby October 7, 2005
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breasticles. huge breasticles.
Those Victoria's Secret Angels have some bang-a-langing ta tas.
by candy pants August 16, 2006
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Used as a farewell statement, can be substituted for "good bye, caio, etc."
Oh, look at the time, I must be going. I'll be at mum's for tea an crumpets. Ta ta.
by |0| November 7, 2003
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She has a set of bodacious ta tas.
by Debbie August 3, 2003
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