A rather generic phrase used to show you're better than someone because you're braver or more stupid
Man-If you ever see a tornado, you should throw something in it
Friend-Why? That's dumb
Man-Naw, I'd do it
by Themadbaron April 28, 2011
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An emphatic or yielding response to a question regarding what one thinks of a dude when asked by a girlfriend.
Her: "Dude in the blue plaid, yay or nay?"
She: "I'd do him."
Her: "Of course you would, but not what I asked."
She: "Ugh, fine. What to join us?"
by GlazeHer June 19, 2016
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A phrase started by Big Brother and America's player, Eric. As one of his many challenges, Eric had to say this phrase and get at least two or three people to start saying it to. Sometimes confused with, "I'd hit that", yet these phrases have complete different meanings. "I'd do that for a dollar" states that you will do something stupid (i.e jump naked into a lake when it's near below freezing outside) for one dollar.
"I'd do that for a dollar," Eric.
"Dude, I know him. He would do that for a dollar," Dick.
by Sparky Jinkers November 10, 2007
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Phrase implying a girl is beautiful. One you wouldn't just hit it drunk as shit at 3am on a weekend, but even would hit it soberly on a Wednesday.
by balls bigger than yours September 4, 2013
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Gaelic - "a hole's a hole": Latin - TaP-tHAT-AsS, see "I'd do worse"

You would too, so stop lying to me and to yourself.
Spermu: "Yea I'd do her."
Spermu: "I'd do worse."
Fagshit: "A whore's a whore, of course, of course."
Spermu: "All cute girls are sluts."
Fagshit: "All cute girls are whores."
by Dabo aka Deebo aka PMRacing532 January 11, 2005
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phrase often uttered by guys about a girl that really isn't hot or even cute, but if she was laid out you would fuck her. Doesn't mean any girl that walks, but there is a feel or intuition that would make a guy say the phrase.
"I heard you made out with that APK girl last night. Is she hot?"
"Nah, not hot at all. But I mean, I'd do her."

"You don't think that Snooki is hot?
"No she's sucks. Well I mean, I'd do her."
by spooninspoonout November 9, 2010
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Sarcasm,,,,self explanatory.

Used when given a task that's,,,, undesirable.
Hey Joe,,,,you have a boatload of fish to clean,,,how do you feel about that ? I'd rather do this than FUCK.
by XLNT Eagle November 16, 2022
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