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What many woman hate about themselves yet many men find attractive.
Woman 1: Gosh, I hate my hips!

Woman 2: Oh, I know! Just look at these saddlebags!

Man walking by: DAAYYYMMM!!!! Look at dem HIPS!!! *whistles*
by KrazyKurves July 10, 2008

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The way women have been for the past thousands of years before the invention of the bra, and the way many women still choose to be today. Unfortunately we live in a society made up of controlling assholes who tell us to wear a bra because it is considered "blasphemy" if we don't, but honestly, there are many men walking around outside with no shirt that could also use a bra
Friend: Hang on a second, I have to go put on my bra.
Me: Screw that, I'm going braless!
by KrazyKurves August 04, 2008

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A word used to describe someone or something that is unique, odd, or different, usually in a good way, but sometimes also in a bad way.
Gene Simmons: You know there are people who sing much, much, worse than you... who are not as exciting. The reason you don't belong here is not because you're not peculiar... and peculiar by the way is a good way to make a living. I'm peculiar, 'kay! But the rest of the people come here and they belt it out, they really sing and have range. That's not what you've got, but you do have something they don't, which is personality. But I'm gonna say 'no'.
by KrazyKurves August 10, 2008

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Anyone who walks out of a shop with a 15 dollar sandwich and calmly watches the officer take the 500 dollar boot off his vehicle for parking in the wrong place on purpose.
Anyone who thinks that walking their dog at a block party and saying hello to someone else walking their dog is going to get them laid.
Anyone who's so ignorant of traffic that they tell someone "you can't come in here" when they're having one of their stupid little block parties.
In my opinion, yuppie neighborhoods are no better than the ghetto.
by KrazyKurves July 10, 2008

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In high school settings, short skirts, low cut tops, see through clothing and skin tight jeans. The student handbook says not to wear this, but many girls still wear it anyway to look skanky.
Principal: Young lady, that top is inappropriate!
*someone throws bottle and hits him in the head*
by KrazyKurves August 07, 2008

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