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A beatuiful, intelligent girl with a burning Celtic heart. One who, when she loves, gives herself mind, body and soul. A gentle creature.
She may be nice, but she's certainly NOT a Jaki.
by esbatwolf March 28, 2009
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MILF that enjoys a drink or two and occasional trips to the TT Bar! Definitely not a prude, can bake a cake and make a bedroom shake!
Jaki was working it in the bedroom!
by KevDoggy71 February 08, 2010
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Originally from 7chan,an annoying troll who has proved successful on Neopets by stalking users. Over time, she has trolled the AC(avatar chat) to the Newbies boards on Neopets contributing lulz to the Neoboards.
'helo u guys niec 2 meet u i r jaki ^_^'
by n/a n/a n/a April 17, 2008
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