Slang term used mostly in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania region. Usually used in place of "man". Can also be spelled "bot".
"Yo, you got some chew bott?"

"Hey whats up, bott?"
by Schuylkill County February 21, 2008
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A large, entirely shapeless buttocks. Especially bulbous without being self-contained or defined, unattractive.
Dude, check out her bott, it's like her ass just melted.
by Sarah January 03, 2004
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You don't or can't get any intercourse with the same or opposite sex.

A popular term use at City High. Most commonly used by Durham, Sean, Seth, and Eric W.
yo you gets no bott. What i'm short, but you get no bott.
Hey soulja boy can I NOOOOO BOTT!
by FissileDoggy October 30, 2007
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Refers to a seemingly perfect (round and raised) backside or booty of a female/male person(s)
Damn that boy has definitely got tha fine botts!
by SirBottsAlot October 11, 2011
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Bottness is how people call hot robots. Common for scientists.
That robot is a bottness, Imma ask her out!
by Gwibft August 23, 2013
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