One of the top UK university's, thinks of itself as better than Oxford and Cambridge

It is Rah central... Privately educated and gap year kid's heaven.
Henry 'brrrr its chilly, yah? thats coz i've just finsihed my gap yah'

Olivia 'Luckily most of my "Durham" friends prepared for this weathah. The gilet, UGG boots and pashminah combo are practical as well as stylish, yah. Thanks, Jack Wills.'
by ben hacket April 6, 2011
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Durham is the ghetto member of the Triangle, along with their hippy neighbor Chapel Hill and their cleaner, more cultured, and infinitely more snobby neighbor Raleigh.

Infamous for its crime and being all around ghetto, as well as being the home of the very prestigious, yet very controversial Duke University, Durham gets flak from pretty much everybody, which is sad because most Durhamites are among the greatest people out there.

"Honey, would you grab my Kevlar-reinforced suit, please? I have a business meeting in Durham today."

by A Durhamite October 24, 2008
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A county and a city. next to Raleigh and Chapel Hill. Durham is also called "the dirty D", "d-town" and "bullcity" It is known for Duke Hospital and Duke Univerity, Michael Peterson, Centerfest, the Duke Blue Devils, NC Central. Duke employees a majority of workers in Durham. Locals, NOT Duke students call themselfs durhamites.
Chapel hill kid: Duke sucks.
Durham kid: UNC sucks.
Raleigh kid: you guys are retarded.
by Igiveblowjobs January 9, 2010
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The awesomest ghettoest town in the US. The heart of North Carolina often referred to as "The Arm pit of NC," "The dirty," "The City of Murder and Medicine," "Bull City," and "D-town." It is the center of 2 documentaries (Welcome to Durham and Welcome 2 Durham) and a movie (Bull Durham). It is also mentioned more discreetly in a song ("919 Motha Fuckas!!!"). It is surrounded by rich people whom we aren't about (Treyburn, Croasdale, etc.) and Dook whom we HATE! Dook is everything opposite of Durham and is slowly taking over this hub of culture and awesomeness causing racial tensions to greaten along with unemployment and economic problems. Durham is awesome!!! Dook? Eh, not so much!!!
I was in Durham on Fayetville street when I realized, "Dook really doesn't do anything for this community - in fact, they've created their own little apartheid city."
by Garrett McPharson March 6, 2007
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THE most fucked up school in Georgia. The administrators are on happy pills, and the spanish teachers are either strippers, lesbians, or whales. That school sucks.
EXCEPT FOR MRS.H! She was tight as hell. (:
LMMS KID:Do you go to Durham?
LMMS KID:Sorry man, you're in my prayers.
by Chelseaaaaa. July 11, 2008
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The coolest fucking town in Maine. The schools ceilings leak, and we ride around on cows. Chhhhyeeeaaaahhhh Booooiiiiiii
"Durham has the best education"
by Lizzlefo'shizzle April 14, 2008
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Durham is a town in south-central Connecticut. It is full of rednecks, something commonly not found in most of Connecticut. Due to it being such a small town, Most of the people of Durham consider Wallingford or Middletown a City. Durham is the most ass backwards town in the state of Connecticut and is known for having such a heavy southern influence regardless of being so far north. The town is known for the Durham Fair. It is an agricultural fair, so it's basically a pig and cow beauty contest or something. Known for Food and random bullshit artists that play every year. Most teens hang out driving around in their parents cars or in some persons basement smoking pot or getting drunk. The high school is called Coginchaug, and is known for it's dense populations of Douchebag Jocks, Slut girls and generally stupid people. It is even more divided economically, having students on the poorer end of the working class, and very very well endowed students as well. The lines blend because like 2/3s if not more of the people in this school smoke pot or drink, even if they don't let anyone know they do. And if they don't, they'll want to, because that's all there is to do in Durham.
Durham kid: "Hey Did you get your Country Mega ticket yet?"

Middletown kid: "No what the fuck is that"
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