450 definitions by Sarah

we are on the never ending quest for Aarons cocker spaniel!
by Sarah December 10, 2002
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Chubby girl, not fat, but not skinny at all.
Katie-she's totally got more mush to push.
by Sarah January 2, 2005
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to occupy one's seat when he/she steps out.
"Hey, that's my seat! I called 'No Hork!'"
by Sarah January 27, 2005
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bad day in weather, events, or people
I left the house without an umbrella and that was really the begining of my grrfunk day
by Sarah May 11, 2004
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FABulous guitarist, THE most gorgeous muso on the planet, ever. Pure, raw guitar-playing energy. Beautiful.
Richie looks so gorgeous with that guitar held aloft.
by Sarah October 21, 2003
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