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extremely hott kid...perferably with lip pierced and messy hair that covers half of the face that listens to songs about lost love and heartbreak...
look at the kid with the black hair and his lip pierced with the ninja turtle backpack...so hott
by Sarah March 1, 2005
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Scottish slang used by teenagers to describe when their parents and siblings have gone out for the night and they have the house to themselves.
"Do you wanna come round to my bit tonight? I've got an empty."
by Sarah May 8, 2004
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A place all people say we must look after and yet they don't look after it themselves.
"The environment is being ruined by all this polution the world is creating"
by Sarah July 8, 2003
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1. A girl who comes from Essex. Not that hard to work out.
2. Another name for a rudegirl or chavette. Orange face. Gold hoops. Burberry bag. Tracksuit. Men's hoodie. You get the idea.
1. Hello, I'm from Essex which is in South East England.
2. alWITE luv, im from esex init darlin!! o fuk dat bitch jus luked at me, ima fukin nok er out yeh!
by Sarah October 29, 2004
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Fab is now free to gallop (yes gallop) over to my house whenever he so chooses.
by Sarah April 9, 2005
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word used on the west coast for being high/stoned/blazed.
yo, im soo damn faded
by Sarah December 24, 2004
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a lesser breed of human known as an accident lawyer. to be found in accident and emergency departments and on daytime tv.
"have you been injured in the past three years?....not your fault? call the ambulance chasers and we will miraculously get you lots of money and not charge you." hmmmmmmmm
by Sarah September 20, 2003
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