an upstate new york replacement for retard; origin being from boces programs
You fucking botard pot does not escape your system in 24 hours
by Fishnets May 12, 2004
A large black trashbag full of piping hot semen which is typically used in practical jokes. Occassionally, to their horror, a person might wake up inside of one.
"WTF, I'M IN A BOTARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1"
by Buster T. Foodcube August 15, 2005
A marginally "challenged" person who attends a vocational school like BOCES.
"It's actually pronounced "Bow-Tahrd", you Botard!
by Anonymous March 12, 2003
an academically-challenged individual of sub-marginal intelligence; a retarded person; a retard
John slammed his pecker in the door...what a fuckin' botard, man!
by weave March 28, 2003
combination of modern online gameplaying insults - retard and bot ... retard meaning that the subject is one step up from moron, bot meaning the the subject is badly programmed, full of bugs, has artificial unintelligence of a calculator.the use is also practical way to avoid swear word filters on game servers as it is still very new.
you f***ing botard why did you ...
by madiggy June 1, 2009
An elmore, jackweed, maroon or fucktard from NY.
That botard really elmored up his education which is why he's now flipping burgers.
by Prim n Proper September 26, 2007
One who can't fit into his school or make any friends because he is enrolled in the B.O.C.E.S. program (Board Of Cooperative Educational Services) and is denied the rights that all the other students have. B.O.C.E.S. controls all aspects of its students' lives (within the school day) just like a Nazi fascist regime. It is a combination of B.O.C.E.S. and retard.
I'm not allowed to stay after school for the class meeting, I have to go home at 2:30 because I'm a botard.
by GuidoPosse69 February 3, 2005