Rubbing chillies on your penis before receiving blowjob
Susan had a blowjob on me I was piping hot..
by Taggart 83 December 16, 2017
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Cum, Goo, Jism, Jiz, Sperm, Spluge (Splooge), Spunk
by MOCO & P-Phat February 11, 2007
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The result of masturbating so many times that only hot air can come out of your urethra.
Dave: Did you see that fit bird on chaturbate the other day with the massive jugs

Steve: Yeah mate, I was bashing off so many times that I ended up piping hot air.
by Johnywadd July 13, 2014
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Coffee, well known for its mysterious laxative properties
Hey, I'm a little constipated; would you mind picking me up a piping hot laxative at Starbucks?
by MamaLemma March 5, 2008
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When two men take a crap on each other then put it in there mouths and savore the taste, or when have sex with black midgets and old ladys after going on a 3 hour "fishing" trip with pastor Bill
"Man that piping hot loaf you gave me was amazing, and it tasted so good
"Father thats a fishing trip i will never forget"
by dylan did this March 30, 2008
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After taking a 'hot Carl' on ones partner, either partner removes the seran wrap, fondles the contents into an elongated shape, bites a small hole in the seran and decorates themselves and/or their partner. Largely considered 'inside baseball' within the fecalpheliac community, this is a highly erotic act. In some cases, the elongated 'hot Carl' is caressed with the mouth before making the hole.
She never thought piping a 'hot Carl' with her partner would be so exhilarating.
by Pinkmagic January 5, 2017
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