One step is a term used in basketball referring to when a player, by a sudden change of direction or some form of quick dummy (faking move), causes their defender to take a step in the wrong direction thus allowing the attacker to beat the defender.
by kendle_cranks2 June 18, 2006
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a) A Czechoslovakian who, under Hitler's rule, was only One-Step from being considered a Jew. b) a dirty, foul-mouther, greedy, smelly, pedophilic, queer person of Czechoslovakian descent.
I mean, seriously, Kevin ... just shut the hell up. God, man ... you're such a fucking One Step. Your ass is VERY lucky Hitler isn't alive. Boy are you.
by Chuck Alan Poindexter November 21, 2004
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A COOL song by Linkin Park.
Almost as good as 'breaking the habit'.
Breaking the habit,papercut,points of authority, all good songs by linkin park
by N.I.N. June 26, 2005
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Pop/Rock band formed in 2008 out of Andover, MA.

Adam Carrington - Lead Vocals
Terence Healy - Guitar
Michael Nuzzolo - Bass/Vox
Ben Trudeau - Drums

Debut album "For The Broken" released in 2010.
I'm going to see One Step Away this weekend in Boston!
by cheodius45 December 5, 2011
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One Step Away is an alternative rock/pop band from Andover, Massachusetts. They gotten recognition in the whole Boston area music scene due to the bassist's mom. His mom works for the music industry and she spoiled them to be famous. If it wasn't for the bassist's mom, the band would get absolutely no where. The music is very generic and lacks charisma. This band is just another terrible clone of a well known Andover band called Boys Like Girls.
Person 1: I think Acacius, Boys Like Girls, Contained Chaos, One Step Away, and Spyria are good bands from Andover, MA.

Person 2: Nah dude, all those bands are terrible, Andover has one of the worst music scenes ever, all of those bands you listed lack charisma without a doubt.

Person 1: I still love One Step Away, there kinda like Boys Like Girls.

Person 2: Oh shut the fuck up, One Step Away is probably gayest on the list band next to Boys Like Girls. And by the way get this straight, "Fuck Andover, MA, and their terrible music scene! Thank You!"
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A person that says that they are better,smarter or that they have an advantage against a person
You think you fooled me? I am always one step ahead of you Mike.
by thatssoboring June 2, 2020
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To commit suicide off of an office or hotel building. Used in Iron Man 3.
Aldrich: “Well in the first hour, I considered taking that one step shortcut to the lobby..if you know what I mean.”
by IronManFan May 4, 2019
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