Trina He all over there smelling like boonk and Hennesey and shit
by nexiusus April 8, 2006
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To steal or to heist an object from someone's home or a store such as a TV, alcohol, lamp, or couch.
Timmothy boonked Jackie's frat screen last night.

We pulled off the best boonk of the year stealing 8 fifths from the liquor store
by The mongolian August 3, 2017
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stolen, taken from you, finessed
tony: yo did that guy take my iphone?
matt: yea dude you just got boonked
by lu23 August 12, 2018
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The act of finessing someone of their personal belongings; The attempt to purchase an item, but deciding to run away without paying for the item;
"Oh my goodness! I just got boonked by that man!"

"Tonight, we are going to boonk the corner store."

by @ervvv__ July 30, 2017
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A literal ass-kicking, usu. the stakes in a wager. "Playing for boonks" denotes that the loser of the contest gets a kick in the ass from the winner.
"My ass was real sore from balling with MJ for boonks all day long"
by bigtrick September 19, 2003
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1) a whole latta gang shit

2) to generaly be a public nuisance by recording ones self swiftly getting away from the scene from which you stole something.

*The origanal saying was coined by Instagram star, boonk.ig.
*Doing this is a violation of the law so be cautious. Unless, you're really good at it
*Walks In a pizza shop calmly*

*Quickly jumps behind the counter to grab a box of pizza, without paying, but also getting away whilst recording on ones phone*

After one has left the pizza shop, one would yell repeatedly, “BOONK GANG WHOLE LATTA GANG SHIT
by Cuck Me Hard October 2, 2017
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a urban game where the loser of some contest (Basketball's 21 game or a one on one game) must bend over to expose his ass and accept getting hit in the ass by some object. usually a basketball
You lost man now give up the boonks.
My game- boonks up man.
Take your boonks like a man.
by dkarez4u May 16, 2005
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