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A term used to describe the action of "playing" someone.
That bih caught me in the act I was straight finessing her
by kinchmaster October 24, 2017
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by Hukra March 14, 2009
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The act of skillfully maneuvering seamlessly around people or objects in a smooth manner with the objective of getting what you want
Mr. Gbe Benjamin Orduen is Finessing the President to proclaim the Anti Open Grazing Law made by the Government of Benue State of Nigeria
by Aondoaseer Boniface June 07, 2019
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To get more out of a situation. the word is used mainly by Chicago drill rappers, reffering to anything from splitting down coca, taxing niggas on ur name, or getting summin more from a girl w/o doin shit
finessin' these hoes, thats free head
finessin' that coca, triple up when u flip it up
finessin' these niggas taxen'm off that status and a tweet
by @YungBandz_upNext December 28, 2014
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Finessing is a sport. A real finesser tends to have a very high IQ and knows how to get shit done. Once you start finessing, you never stop. Its a lifestyle.
Victim : Yo you see boss bandz on instagram he be flexin!
Victim 2 : Yeah he be finessing he got me for a rack a few days ago!

Victim : Aw shit
by LoveMoneyNotHoes October 04, 2020
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This slang is very new and used by rappers recently gaining recognition in the industry. Typically only used by the younger generation of trap rappers. More importantly, it means to dilute drugs (like baking soda for cooked cocaine), so that more product is created with less substance.
"Im finessing the rest of this brick because I am almost out."
by Cracker Jackz July 09, 2013
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The act of a woman pretending femininity and faking interest in someone for a period of time, to use them for status advancements, resources and provisions, with the intent to later discard them once obtained
I'm finessing this guy online for 300 large just to talk to me. Wonder if he'll do lawn work for me next week. What a simp.
by Brother Truth Be Told April 04, 2020
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