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The term "boom boom" is most often associated with south east asian countries such as Thailand, Cambodia, or Laos and is used to describe the act of intercourse, usually that which is purchased by males frequenting brothels and whorehouses in those locations. The term is thought to have been created by prostitutes possessing limited english language ability; ie- it is far easier for a non english speaking Thai prostitute to say "You go boom boom"? than it is for her to say "Would you like to go make completely unemotional and detached love with me"?
Sex Worker: "Hello handsome man, you go boom boom"?
Obviously not handsome man: "How much sweetheart"?
by Juz4workn January 27, 2010
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An act of defecating in a diaper or undergarment. Used by Homer Simpson in episode CABF04 ("Homer vs. Dignity").
"Baby made a boom-boom!"
by LudwigVan November 11, 2003
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another term for a bowel movement, used when you or someone else has to go number 2 and when that happens, it becomes somewhat a verb.
"i gotta go boom boom"
"oh .. she went boom boom."
by e-jo July 06, 2004
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Most commonly used to imply a lower level. Often a math or english class. Apparently, not used by ANYONE that has come from outside Tampa, FL. See example below for true conversation, and true story in it........
Little Sister- So, no one has ever heard some one not from Tampa say ' Boom Boom ' in this context? Not even in like friggin Clearwater?
Me- When I was in Minnesota, I got all excited because I heard a girl refer to something as ' Boom Boom ', I asked where she heard it......... She said back home in Tampa. So no, I don't believe so.
Random friend that came over for some cake mix ketchup-Chick! Denise over in Town N Country said 'Boom Boom' the other day!
Me- She just moved there after living in Tampa for 6 years.
He and Little Sister in unison - DANMIT!
by Tk ( ~Mouse~) Blue December 12, 2006
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A display between two people to show that some act of genious/awesomeness has just happened. This is said verbally between the two persons. They can also clench a fist and knuckle tap each other whilst saying it for extra affect!

It can also be used when two people say the same thing at the same time.
Vixter- "Iv just had an awesome idea!"
Gazmo- "what?"
Vixter- "Lets watch Kenan and Kel"

(Both together) "Boom-Boom"
by GazNVixDicto May 01, 2010
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