A person who's different around his friends but cool and fun on the low he\she is someone you wanna be around and make you bff\bae tayo can be a funny and weird person
You acting real tayo today
by charianna June 14, 2015
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okay -> otay -> tayo
Tayo Means simply, "Okay" and is used interchangibly with okay, but is usually used in place of okay, to give added emphasis.
It's use:
whenever okay doesn't seem good enough, use tayo
or, just use it for okay. ;)
"Tayo! I understand" -John. this shows that John, REALLY understands, and is not just brushing the person off.
by Michieal April 02, 2006
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The name Tayo comes from the West African language Yoruba, so most Tayos are Nigerian. It can be either a male or female's name, but either way, Tayos are known for their generosity and sexiness.
Molly: Omg Tayo asked me out today!!!
Ashley: He did? You're so lucky.
by Hardimon March 11, 2015
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Tayo is the name given to an African man from the yotuba culture in west Africa.They act shy but this is one of their traps to get girls.They are sexy,kind and have quite a big package Down below if you know what i mean.
Shoppy"Tayo asked me out". Josh"ur so lucky. I hope he rocksyour world".
by Big mamasjshgdjgfjfd November 18, 2015
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Tayo is a nice beautful person who is smart and very cool. She is very msteruios and may come off as rude, but deeply she is the nicest person ever!!!!!!
Person1: Hey have you seen Tayo?
Person2: Yea she is so rude
Person1: No she is nice
by jdkdkd March 30, 2013
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She’s that bitch. PerioT.
Girl:Do you know tayo?
by She thickkkkkkkkkk January 02, 2019
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