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Actually spelled "Eminem". A man who has single-handedly forever changed the hip-hop community with his brilliant (most of the time very truthful, yet sometimes incredibly violent) lyrics, and his outstanding good looks.
by Rachel October 29, 2003
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Sensitive music and the kids that cry while listening to it.
by Rachel October 4, 2003
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When the male organ (penis) is in an upward position normaly when sexually pleased or horny.
Wow man my penis is so much bigger looking when its erect.
by Rachel May 27, 2004
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Kiwi slang contraction of someone's name - either affectionate or insulting - coming from Bogan culture ( Bogan = tight black jeans, white sneakers, drive around and around the same small town streets in beat-up old cars)
Erin becomes Ezza, Harry becomes Hazza, Sharon becomes Shazza, Barry becomes Bazza etc
by Rachel May 21, 2004
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To dunk ones scrotum into the open mouth of another person
Brenda was all passe dout with her mouth open and Billy teabagged her"
by Rachel March 17, 2003
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An actress on the movie The Ring, Joan on the TV show Joan of Arcadia, and many others.
by Rachel May 23, 2004
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Tom Fleatcher is the main songwriter in the new hot band McFly brought up by Busted!
Tom Fleatcher co wrote most of the tracks on busteds album "A Preastent For Everyone"
by Rachel January 21, 2004
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