The world's biggest film industry. Bollywood is so named because it is Bombay (now Mumbai)-based. Film output is about 800 films a year.
Bollywood is famous for Masala films; films with all the elements of films to appeal to a great audience: song, dance, action, romance, comedy, etc.
by RNJBOND February 20, 2003
a film industry that encourages nepotism and doesn't allow any talented actors with no connections to succeed. bollywood is like a clique and gang. the funding for paying for their movies goes to many underground gangs, sponsors illegal activities such as child trafficking and terrorism. what once used to be a beloved film industry has recently become exposed for its dark secrets.
"Have you watched the latest bollywood movie?"

"No, I don't watch those anymore... I don't want to sponsor their child trafficking and drug business."
by keepingitrealxxx March 24, 2021
Poor mans version of hollywood, where every movie has the exact same plot/script, just different actors. Short for Hobollywood.
Fool #1: Have u seen that new bollywood flick?

Fool #2: Yes, and I\'ll be ending my life soon to get away from the pain.
by Solid||Snake April 26, 2005
A movie with Indians in it but incorporated with a great choreographered dance routine to some great tunes. Although you might not understand what they are saying, you'll definitely have your head bopping to the beat!
Did you see that latest Bollywood film that had some great tunes along with the dances? Awesome!
by Cultured Pearl August 5, 2005
Gypsies or better knows as the people of India who couldnt think of a proper name so they decided to take the H from Hollywood and put a B making it Bollywood and it is considered the biggest film industry-yea right after Hollywood!
Bollywood is Bogus
bollywood has all the gypsies while hollywood has all the fame and real celebraties
by Hollywood Chick July 8, 2006
hollywood, but with indians. referring to indian cinema, fun movies, songs and dances.
You should check out some bollywood sometime.
by Sunshine September 8, 2004
The H of Hollywood was replaced by the B of Bombay. It has no meaning besides branding movies from India as a BOLLYWOOD PRODUCTION. Non-existent place with no signs of warning(unlinke the famous Hollywood) and is just another name for Bombay(Mumbai).
Person 1: Did you see that Bollywood star-filled concert last night?
Person 2: Who could miss such an exciting BOLLYWOOD event?
by spyguy_999 May 22, 2003