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The world's biggest film industry. Bollywood is so named because it is Bombay (now Mumbai)-based. Film output is about 800 films a year.
Bollywood is famous for Masala films; films with all the elements of films to appeal to a great audience: song, dance, action, romance, comedy, etc.
by RNJBOND February 19, 2003
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The Indian version of Hollywood. The letter 'B' in Bollywood comes from India's richest city, Bombay (now known as Mumbai). Bollywood is the world's biggest film industry and is famous worldwide.

Bollywood was created back in 1899, unlike Hollywood, which some people claim that Hollywood came before Bollywood. Hollywood was created in 1910.
Bollywood has the best exotic, captivating movies which everyone around the world love to watch. Cinemas in Korea also show Bollywood movies, and they are a big success there.
People from all around the world love to sing and dance to Indian Bollywood songs.
Bollywood produces over 1000 films per year and the songs are just so good.
"Hey Dude! Have you seen the latest Bollywood movie?"
"Yeah bro, I totally love it!"
by TIGRIS May 11, 2013
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a film-industry consisting of weird indians trying hard to copy hollywood films and making them like musicals so that it will appear original
Bollywood are such a second-rate,trying hard, copy cats. They are trying to do a remake of the High School Musical
by youreAnIndianIfUvotedDown October 03, 2010
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Poor mans version of hollywood, where every movie has the exact same plot/script, just different actors. Short for Hobollywood.
Fool #1: Have u seen that new bollywood flick?

Fool #2: Yes, and I\'ll be ending my life soon to get away from the pain.
by Solid||Snake April 26, 2005
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A movie with Indians in it but incorporated with a great choreographered dance routine to some great tunes. Although you might not understand what they are saying, you'll definitely have your head bopping to the beat!
Did you see that latest Bollywood film that had some great tunes along with the dances? Awesome!
by Cultured Pearl August 04, 2005
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A massive violation of the Eighth Amendment protection against Cruel and Unusual Punishment.
Oh my dear God, why would any human being be so cruel as to make you watch Bollywood?

by SaneAmerican September 15, 2012
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