Akshay Kumar & Shah Rukh Khan called as Bhagoda of Bollywood.
Both are Stardom less stars who can't book festival slots on their own & ran away from Eid clashes thats why they've been defined as Bhagoda's of Bollywood.
Bhagoda of Bollywood Akshay Kumar ranway from Eid 2020 due to Salman Khan's stardom.
Another Bhagoda of Bollywood SRK also shifted his Raees from Eid 2016 to Republic Day 2017.
Google "Salman Khan announces Sooryavanshi's new release date" & "eid kab hai kab hai eid" you will find Bhagoda of Bollywood.
SRK is known as terrorist of bollywood.
SRK was the biggest threat for terrorists when he gone nude in Maya Memsaab.
SRK murdered Indian audience as well as ISIS, Al Qaeda terrorists by his cringeworthy acting & poor dialogue delivery.
Happy New year, Ra One, Guddu these films deserve oscar for wiping all terrorist organisations from this planet, thats why we call SRK is the biggest terrorist of bollywood.
Terrorist of Pakistan - We have laden, Hafiz saeed, hydrogen bomb.
Terrorist of Bollywood - I have Happy New Year
Canadian Akshay Kumar is the Flopstar of bollywood.
Having more than 80 Flops in Domestic market & 100 Flops on overseas soil Akshay Kumar has every right to be crowned as The Biggest Flopstar of Bollywood.
Kitne pratishat Bhartiya yeh sochte hai ki Akshay Kumar Flopstar of Bollywood hai?
Indians - 132%
Akshay Kumar is the self made hijra of bollywood.
Akshay Kumar acted in Flop franchise like Hijron Ka Hijra, Sabse Bada Hijra, Me Hijra Tu Chakka, International Hijra.
SRK is the Gay of Bollywood.

SRK & Karan Johar's love affair became international news even James Cameron wanted to cast them together for Titanic. In an interview SRK admitted that he is half male & half female which why he's been referred as Gay of Bollywood

Gay of Bollywood SRK 24x7 protesting against section 377 the main hurdle for him & karan.

Gay of Bollywood acted in so many garbage films like Dilwale Gay Le Jayenge, Dil Toh Gay Hai, English Babu Desi Gay.
Hey i want to meet gay of bollywood where do i find him?
A - On Karan Johar's bed
Akshay Kumar is a Disaster of bollywood
A natural disaster occurs whenever Canadian Akshay Kumar releases his shitty films
Many producers, distributors committed suicide all because of akshay kumar's 80 flops. A perfect disaster of bollywood!
by Rajiv Bhatia October 4, 2018
Megastar Salman Khan is the King of Bollywood. He holds maximum box office records, He has 14 blockbusters, 10 Highest Grossers, 7 Record Openers, 7 weekend records, 16 bumper openers thats enough to call him the biggest megastar of bollywood.
Q - Whoz the king of bollywood?
Indians - Salman Khan