Performing a 'french kiss' on someone's anus right after the person defecated. The feces on the kisser lips' resemble the texture and color of indian curry.
I like to french kiss girls, but i love to bollywood kiss my homies.
by El Chivo San January 25, 2019
Type of celebrity that makes no sense and is sold to their government because they don’t want a tax raid
Look it’s a Bollywood celebrity he/she is such a sellout
by Programmer wannabe February 5, 2021
1) he is papa made star,he is nothing without papa, he is Britishians randva who only depend on papa
2) he lost clash Against srk,Akshay and many Actors ,and he is biggest madarchod of bollywood that's why his wife ran away from him
Boys : do you believe in 11 ungli of bollywood
Hrithik : me
Boys : haha
by Sid telmasre December 24, 2019
When your buddy swaps your luggage for one filled with ripped cum stained towels, but actually turns out to be your dad.
That fucking guy Andrew, I made it all the way home from the airport and he bollywood dicked me. My luggage is full of rocks and cum soaked rags.
by Andahalu Akbar September 27, 2021