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normal and boring sex.
used by more sexually adventerous people kinked to describe the dull sex had by the unimaginative
he's so vanilla he probably thinks leaving the lights on is dirty.
by Sunshine December 13, 2004
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true meaning:PIMPS stay up hoes stay down
PIMPS stay up(keeps money) by keeping his down to make that money. Only a true PIMP or hoe would know that though.
by sunshine December 01, 2003
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Popular gay TV show, "Queer as folk"
Did you see the last episode of QAF?
by Sunshine August 15, 2003
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used to describe someone who enjoys kinky sex

a level of how bizzare a persons sexual interests extend

opposite of vanilla
she's totally kinked. you couldn't handle her if you read every s&m book published
by Sunshine December 13, 2004
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a. Your momma - Your mother.
b. (and) them - everybody related to you; everybody related to your mother; any person closely associated with your mother; any neighbor of your mother within 5 blocks; anybody that attends your mother's church; anybody your mother knew from back in the day; two women named Joyce.
How's your momma and them?
We went ate by your momma and thems.
by Sunshine March 24, 2003
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phrase used by passengers trapped in a vehicle for any period of time. originates in childhood and extends to roadtrips
passenger: are we there yet?
driver: no
passenger: how about now?
driver: yes! get out.
by Sunshine December 13, 2004
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the ghetto fabulous way to say "at your" or "at you"
1.I holla atcha later.
2. Holla atcha girl, or holla atcha boy!
by sunshine March 27, 2005
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