32 definitions by Sunshine

a mass email sent out of real or imagined guilt... often occurs after a drunken party, or in response to rumours.

also been known to be sent as a result of teenage angst, apologizing for something no one even thinks exists.

usually of good intent but overkill and confusing...

often includes "exceptions" to the apology and should be sent to that person as well. just so they know you still hate them

apology to everyone is then sent to a huge number of people on email list who may or may not know what the apology is for
hey you guys...
i'm soo sorry about what happened last weekend. i'm an idiot.
please forgive me. i love you all
(except you brandy- you're a sloot)

again... i'm sooooooooo sorry. i miss you guys
by Sunshine December 13, 2004
hollywood, but with indians. referring to indian cinema, fun movies, songs and dances.
You should check out some bollywood sometime.
by Sunshine September 8, 2004
d.s. stands for "don't shy". Originated from UConn where the boys needed a slang word to tell their bros to go for the kill.
As a cute girl struts by... You say "D.S.!" to your buddy next to you.
by Sunshine December 6, 2004
"don't stop" used a reference of initiative in the party seen.
You're party is thumpin, d.s.
by Sunshine December 6, 2004
cream filled pastry.. no substance..
used to describe a bimbo high school girl.. pretty... slooty popular and brain dead.. with no original thought anywhere in sight

modern version of a valley girl
by Sunshine December 15, 2004
my bad, or my bag. when you have made a mistake and are apologizing.
I hit your car with a rock? my bad.
by Sunshine January 23, 2004