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The H of Hollywood was replaced by the B of Bombay. It has no meaning besides branding movies from India as a BOLLYWOOD PRODUCTION. Non-existent place with no signs of warning(unlinke the famous Hollywood) and is just another name for Bombay(Mumbai).
Person 1: Did you see that Bollywood star-filled concert last night?
Person 2: Who could miss such an exciting BOLLYWOOD event?
by spyguy_999 May 22, 2003
A combination of yes and eew.
Person A: Hey did you see that?
Person B: YEW! Don't remind me.
by spyguy_999 May 13, 2003
V. A universal verb used by Bill Cosby, the Amish, and Quakers in the 1600's.
by spyguy_999 May 6, 2003