That is Superstar Salman Khan. He has maximum no.of Highest Grossers, Record opening records, rules all box office clubs.
by Wickedmind May 12, 2019
India’s biggest chutiya Shahrukh Khan is known as criminal of Bollywood. Reason you know. He is tatti khan.
Criminal of Bollywood spotted at USA Airport
by bdking9090 February 12, 2021
SRK the greatest Chakka of Bollywood.
Karan Johar the CEO of Global Chakka Association deserve oscar for this elite Chakka of Bollywood SRK.
After spending million bucks on masterpiece Ra One SRK started dancing in wedding ceremonies & become official Chakka of Bollywood.
He is Akshay Kumar ...with more than 80 domestic flops and 100 overseas flops in his career , he is most pathetic actor of indian cinema
Another Overseas flop by akshay...He truly is Flop of Bollywood
by Wickedmind May 12, 2019
SRK & Akshay Kumar both are certified Criminals of Bollywood.
SRK was arrested for threatening female journalist, SRK also involved in Kerosene scam. Criminal of Bollywood SRK openly tweeted & praised most wanted terrorist Zakir Naik.
Pakistani terrorist hafiz saeed said SRK can come to pakistan if he feels unsafe in India.
Another criminal Akshay Kumar a canadian actor got arrested under obscenity. Akshay Kumar admitted that he gets more love from Pakistan
How many indians think SRK & Chakki are criminal of bollywood?
A - 132 cr
Salman Khan is known as Bhai of Bollywood for being a Brotherly figure to all his friends n relatives.
Bhai of Bollywood is a great guy.
by Wickedmind July 6, 2019