Rowdy stud who makes his competitors shit in their pants.
Criminal Of Bollywood is badass guy who burn his hater's arse .
by Wickedmind July 6, 2019
Akshay Kumar is the Chutiya of bollywood
Chutiya of bollywood Akshay Kumar has acquired Canadian citizenship for real estate business.

He is asking Indian Government to take 1% tax from each citizen for army welfare but want his movie to be tax free! A perfect Chutiya of bollywood
Many producers, distributors committed suicide all because of akshay kumar's 80 flops hence he's the eternal chutiya of bollywood
by Rajiv Bhatia October 4, 2018
Akshay Kumar is called as waiter of Bollywood..He has this past of his that makes him a waiter, also his fans always cry n wait for festival releases but he is not capable of that.
Do u think Waiter of Bollywood will retire without a single Biggest Hit of Year.
by Wickedmind May 12, 2019
Someone, of either sex, who has a thing for Indian people.
After watching slumdog millionaire, I realized I'm a real Bollywood Banger.
by japo-o July 6, 2009
Joker actor Akshay Kumar is Masalaman of Bollywood . When he gave continous disasters in masala genere, he shifted to low budget patriotism films, to save his flop career . His fans always rant of masala in-spite of him having maximum flops in this genre .
Akshay has 14 continuous flops ..he is masalaman of Bollywood
by Wickedmind May 12, 2019
v. When a guy has sex with a girl on her period, and proceeds to put a red dot on her forehead using tip of his penis with her menstrual blood on it. The girl then appears to have a bindi on her forehead like that of an unmarried Hindu woman.
Calvin-"Dude, when I went to fuck Irene last night she was on her period so i gave her a Bloody Bollywood, then we watched Slumdog Millionaire after".

Brett-"Sick, bro".
by ThePartyMan October 9, 2010