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The male version of "cunt". This term is to be used when calling a man a "dick" or "asshole" doesn't suffice.
"Wow, Ben was being a real munt today"
by Lizard215 November 24, 2013
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The popular Australian meaning is to be broken or unusable.
Hey dude I drove over a squirrel the other day. I've got it here - look its completely munted!
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anyone with the john gotti blow out hair do, spray tans, ed hardy clothing and is an all around douchebag is a munt
by thebmonkey December 09, 2009
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A combination of two words, "Mad" and "Cunt". Used to imply support or appreciation for an individuals action. Most commonly used among young Australian males “Munt” is most effective and prominent in speech during and after large consumptions of alcohol.
Did Jessie smash that chick on the weekend?
Sure did!
Oh what a munt!
by The General..... June 10, 2006
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Originally came from the phrase "man cunt", and is commonly used in place of the word "bitch" when describing a female of the annoying, bitchy, (and usually drunk) variety
That munt puked all over me at the party last weekend
by Spinneh December 30, 2010
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