A city located in Victoria, Australia. Not many people know that it was founded by the bounty-hunter John Batman in the mid 1800's. Its the second most populated city in Australia and is about half the size of London.
by Your name here! dude!!! August 21, 2006
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Melbourne is a small georgian market town in South Derbyshire, England. It is about eight miles south of Derby and two miles from the River Trent. It contains a good range of shops, pubs and restaurants for the tourist. In 1837 a then tiny settlement in Australia was named after William Lamb, 2nd Viscount Melbourne, Queen Victoria's first Prime Minister, and thus indirectly takes its name from Melbourne Hall, seat of the Lamb family, and the village.
Also the name Melbourne name derives from "mill on the brook". It was first recorded in Domesday Book (DB 1086 Mileburne = mill stream) as a royal manor.

old person from melbourne- "Ey up me duck, I'm from the real melbourne not the one in australia, ya say it mel-born not mel-bun"
by hello_hiccup December 01, 2007
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The Capital of Victoria that is actually quite diverse with lots to do. However most of the definitions of Melbourne on Urban Dictionary are by Sydneysiders complaining about Melbourne being a hole and that Melbourne people always try to say how much better Melbourne is then Sydney when the Sydneysiders are doing the exact same thing by trying to say Sydney is better in the example
Sydneysider: Your city is a hole and ugly and you all play GAYFL. Sydney however looks beautiful and is so much better then Melbourne.

Melbournian: And you complain about us saying our city's better, wanker.
by Moreland Legend 08 September 08, 2008
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read all the above and below definitions - thats melbourne.

now youve probably realised everyone from melbourne just spends their time feeling insecure by constantly telling you WHY melbourne is better than sydney - they always have to compare


they have an awesome street art and music scene
sydney kid - so yeah its pretty nice down in melbourne

melbourne kid - yeah like we have the many afl teams, the mcg, federation square, better weather oh and its all SO MUCH better than sydneys stuff. oh did i mention we're the sports capital of australia? oh and the afl?

sydney kid - right. but you havent won it for like 5 years?
by jamesmc February 26, 2007
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Melbourne, Florida was incorporated before Melbourne, Australia. They are sister cities.

Melbourne is in Brevard County, the heart of Florida's Space Coast, near Kennedy Space Center. It is also the heart of surfing on the East Coast of the United States. Melbourne is just south of Cocoa Beach, home of the famous Easter Surf Contest.

This is a city with some growing pains, as it moves from being a largish town to becomming a city. Property values have recently spiked dramatically, and the bargain prices that once existed are long gone.
Melbourne, Florida was incorporated in 1892 and is the sister city to the city of the same name in Oz.
by Wes Town Resident April 06, 2005
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