A girlfriend. However, usually used less respectfully to describe one, in a way that suggest she is temporary, and one of many that you have. Thus, itcan be interpreted to mean hoe
yo g, are you gonna bring your ting to this motive on saturday?
by Jamali IIV April 15, 2018
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the object that goes skraa and pop pop ka ka ka
Big Shaq: The ting goes skraaaa, pop pop ka ka ka
by Captain_Cancer November 26, 2017
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Someone who you aren't necessarily dating, but someone to have fun with while you are single. It's almost like someone you can have fun/do things with and there wont be any strings attached.
Girl #1: So, whats the story with you and Jason?

Girl #2: No story, he's just my... "ting" for the summer. That's all.

Girl #1: Oh okay, well you go on and do your "ting" girl!
by leinadnavlys August 23, 2010
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A word used by people in Toronto. Ting means a girl.
There were so many hot tings at Jonas's party.
by OGNIGGA October 25, 2016
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Ting= west indian/caribbean way of saying thing and its also a carbonated grapefruit drink..(I am West Indian..)
Chile you can here mus pass de ting to you mudda? (Child cant you here, pass the thing to your mother!)

Whaa Gwan John, me goin a tung go get some ting, me to tusty daaady(Hey John, whats up im going to town to get some ting, im really thirsty)
by CaribbeanCutie March 18, 2006
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can mean a gun, knife, weed, coke, e's, crack, girl.... has to be seen in contens to see wich meaning it is carrying out.
naa bladd draw 4 the ting!

u got the ting?

i NEED a ting ryt noww

u gna get wiv tht mixrace ting?
naa man im onit iwv the white ting wiv the blonde hair/ blonde ting
by sagi deeeeeeeep May 16, 2007
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