Supreme Court of the United States, highest court in the USA. Judges are nominated by the president, and serve for life.
The SCOTUS is a bunch of old motherfuckers who have completely lost touch with reality.
by foo July 29, 2003
The act of a dog dragging its ass across the carpet due to anal irritation caused by parasitic infestation.
My dog was scotusing his ass up and down the hallway, because he had a raging worm infestation.
by Yafuckers June 25, 2022
SCOTUS (n) A highly sensitive patch of skin between the legs running from the genitalia to the anus.
by TonyTheRat September 4, 2005
Supreme Communist Oligarchist Tyrants of the United Snakes.
SCOTUS are scrotum lickers.
by totally fucked,,, October 7, 2005
A terrible group of ppl who took my rights away <3
Scotus sucks
by Gimmemyrightsbackbozo June 25, 2022
The very last election fraud claim denial collectively generated by the highest court in the land.
So, how'd we do in our attempt to overturn the 2020 free and fair election? You know, the one that Biden won by millions.
Well, despite our best efforts to undermine democracy, we seem to have reached SCOTUS endpoint.
Oh, then maybe we can get this country back on track and unified for the greater good of all Americans!
What?! HELL TO THE NO! STOP THE STEAL! FOUR MORE YEARS! (can I get a presidential pardon, please?)
by YAWA December 13, 2020