Accroym that stands for Fat Upper Pussy Area. Commonly seen when women wear tight pants and they have a bulge of fat above their pelvic region.
My teacher's pants are so tight, it outlines her FUPA.
by Misty May April 16, 2007
by BIGPALO October 6, 2010
Fat Upper Pussy Area. The area directly above the beav. but below the gut. Usually common on ho's of increased age. AKA "FrontButt"
Man, did you see the FUPA on that chick at the DMV.
by granola1861 March 22, 2006
many different acronyms for this one word

"Fat Upper Pussy Area"
"Fat Under Pants Ass"
"Fat Upper Pussy Ass"
"Fat Upper Penis Area"
"Fat Upper Pubic Area"

you pick really..because they all mean the same thing. It's like a muffin top but it sucks way more.Not really sure how they're formed's a mystery.
"Woah, Mrs.Anderson has a great face but a huge FUPA"
by flashmastaa December 31, 2010
When the slacks are too tight, the front butt is revealed...
by Chinaski April 29, 2005
Fat Upper Pussy Area. Typically seen on obese women, but not uncommon among thick ladies.A FUPA is a "swelling" the area between the vagina and the tummy.
"Your new girlfriend isn't THAT ugly."
"Yeah, but I don't know if I can handle the FUPA."
by Sterph November 30, 2007