1. Fem: Fatty Upper Pussy Area
2. Masc: Fatty Upper Penial Area
3. Furry Upper P/P Area
1. Oh my god, How does she wipe her a** with all that FUPA?
2. How can he perform with all the FUPA in the way?
3. Need a weed wacker for all that Fupa.
by Jessica M May 05, 2006
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A.K.A. Kangaroo Pouch

This the fat above the pelvic area but below the the waist or belt line.

Most commonly associated with obese burnt out High School Teachers.
That teacher isn't fat but for some reason she has a fupa.
by TheRiot!!! May 26, 2007
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Fatty Upper Pussy Area-like when you have a substitute teacher with pants pulled up so high that the zipper's right under her boobs; Well It's that lump or pouch that sits comfortably right under that and right above her vag. looks best on middle aged women with short haircuts and penny loafers.
those tight pants made a FUPA that was bigger that a baby.
Are you impregnated or is that just your incredibly large FUPA?
by Ava Khetler May 31, 2008
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the area above a womans pussy , and below her belly button . the " FAT , UPPER , PUSSY , AREA " .
" my ex-girl's FUPA is flabby , that's why i amost never went down on her , her FUPA would almost suffocate me , unless i held it back " .
by 8-BALL OLSON December 16, 2006
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