Troll like creature funnind "client services" at a software company with tentacles that shake as it waddles and a head that bobs around on top of the neck. It communicates by a series of raspy squeaks and cracking noises belived to come from the oversized head. The creature thrives on inefficiency and counter-productivity. Given it's tempermental nature the creatures behavior is eratic at best. Despite it's unprecictable behavior it can usually be controlled by providing an ass to stick it's nose in or a reality show to talk about.
Stay clear of the back area, the bobblehead is on the rampage.
by Bobblehead January 6, 2004
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A female who enjoys giving oral sex to men and does it well and often.
China is known for being a blackplanet and myspace bobblehead.
by MANDINGOnATL January 22, 2007
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-n; refers to a female who freely gives oral sex to random males without pay
You can always get oral sex from her because she's a bobblehead.
by Gabrielle Jones November 22, 2005
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An employee who, having fought the powers-that-be repeatedly, and has been beaten down repeatedly, who is now reluctantly-but-resignedly following the company line in a drone-like fashion. The visual is of someone nodding up-and-down to whatever is asked of them, putting in time until either retirement or a better job comes along, while silently thinking, "If that's what they want, that's what they're gonna get - and nothing more!"

Definitely not an ass-kisser.
1) After being an acting team leader and temporary supervisor for two years, Harry was passed over for promotion - again -and now no matter what happens he just sits there like a bobblehead agreeing with every stupid idea from the adminisphere.

2) I've got three years to go to retire - I'm just going to sit here like a bobblehead and keep going "yep, uh-huh, whatever you say" - as long as they keep sending me my paycheck!
by kilroyjc July 8, 2009
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A plague in the form of the shittiest handcrafted, personalized gifts, used by fucktards to commemorate a "special event"; generally a body type image of a sucking alter ego that is supposed to be funny but that only reveals the pathetic inner life of the subject.
Bobbleheads... Get yours! Every face is completely unique to its order, and purchasers can choose from over 200 body types.
by rperazag June 27, 2010
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1. A Canadian person.

2. A girl who frequently provides blowjobs.
1. "Oh, look over there. That snow-loving coldass bobblehead fagtard. I bet he loves getting locked in plexiglass cells in Walmarts."

2. "Man bro, Jess is a total bobblehead. Where the fuck did she learn it from?"
by NotPieGuy January 28, 2022
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someone who is not pretty, but good enough to give somebody oral sex.
"You see dat hoe? she ugly den a bitch but she bobbleheadable."
by only one T June 13, 2008
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