A high level of public popularity/social level that has been reached by a person/celebrity because a bobblehead has been created in that persons image.
He is one of the best players on the Phillies team....he's achieved bobblehead status.
by lovesud January 29, 2012
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A bobblehead doll is a type of collectible doll. It's head is oversized compared to it's body. Instead of a solid connection, its head is connected to the body by a spring in such a way that a light tap will cause the head to bobble, hence the name.
Wow, did you see that new Michael Jackson bobblehead doll?
by Laura.. October 3, 2005
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Women who are groupies of the professional soccer team New England Revolution. They hang around the stadium after the games in hopes of having an intimate encounter with one or several of the players.
"The Revolution Bobbleheads take great pride in their dick slurping skills."
by Somerville 4 life December 11, 2019
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creepy, sadistic little smiling toy that looks cute and funny. When it says "yes" it really means "no" it makes you want to kill yourself. He waits for you in the dark lounge at night. If you don't kill yourself the evil bobblehead will.................
Trisha "i bought this bobblehead at the toy store cause it looked so cute and now it keeps staring at me."

Edward"dud it want's to kill you. Watch your back it is a evil bobblehead!!!!"
by scarletwitch June 2, 2011
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A nation of girls (bobbleheads) whose faces are caked with foundation and cannot resist the urge to straighten their hair every 5 minutes. Their language is strange, some say it's very fast spoken English and some don't give a crap to listen long enough :)

A common name from bobblehead nation is Holly.
Currently in bobblehead nation:

12.50pm: Holly straightens her hair
12.55pm: Holly applies 5 inches of orange foundation
1.00pm: Holly straightens her fringe
1.05pm: Holly straightens another bobbleheads hair
by g-unit. January 19, 2007
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A woman with a beautiful posterior who shakes it to hypnotize guys into staring at it like they have a 'bobblehead'. booty, butt, twerk, tease, dance, stripper, female stripper, male stripper, exotic dancer, bobblehead, lap dance, booty pop,
My friends took me to a strip club for my bachelor party and the women charmed us with her exotic dancing. The guys were mesmerized by her sexy dancing. She was so sexy and she definitely had a bobblehead booty.
by joecoolthefool October 25, 2016
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Getting fucked by a guy/girl with a Shrek head.
Hey Carrie, I heard you got the dirty bobblehead from that Manning guy last night.
by Brew Crew 4 Life August 4, 2006
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