Mr Obama defines it as a letter going fast
I went -n
by Jdkdjdkfjfjfhjf December 17, 2019
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A variant of "n__n." The slashes represent blushing marks. Used to show that one is blushing, or embarassed. Asian based.
Person1: I love you, fyi.
Person2: Really? Ily2! n///n
by KelleyW August 14, 2008
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Guy: "Can I get nudes?"
Girl: "N for n"
Guy: "Ok!"
by Rayne_Bow15 December 14, 2015
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Another way to say "No" for the lazy fucks who don't feel like typing the extra letter.
Person 1: Are you coming to Jake's party tonight?
Person 2: N
by JammerTheLegend July 16, 2017
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You have to agree that 'N' is a sad letter. Its the sad letter now. If you send or receive 'N' a sad has occurred
P. 1: i have aides

P. 2: N
by Lydtehsquid October 09, 2018
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