a city in present-day Tunisia, but in ancient Roman times it was home to the Carthaginians. The carthage empire extended into spain, much of north africa, corsica, sardina, and sicily. Fought against the Romans in the 3 Punic wars in which they lost in all. The great Hannibal was also a general for the Carthaginians.
Carthage was cool because they had war elephants!
by bleep March 8, 2005
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1. Short form of Carthag The Pernicious, an ancient being of unspeakable horror. Carthag writes the Arts and Culture section for the popular satire site Monkey-Breath.com and reviews films on rottentomatoes.com.
1. Carthag will destroy all with his imperceptible power!

2. Carthag loved Wall-E, but hated Hancock.
by Drake78 July 4, 2008
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the extinct country from which Hannibal came out on elephants and conquered Rome. The Romans got shit scared and defouled Carthage by saying that all carthagians were devil worshippers who threw little babies into pyres.
Hamilcar Burca was the father of a very famous crthagian conqueror.
by Gunkglumb May 19, 2005
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Carthage (, , Berber: Kartajen, or Karthago, from the Phoenician (meaning new town) refers both to an ancient city in present-day Tunisia, and a modern-day suburb of Tunis. The civilization that developed within the city's sphere of influence is referred to as Punic or Carthaginian. The city of Carthage is located on the eastern side of Lake Tunis across from the center of Tunis. According to Roman legend it was founded in 814 BC by Phoenician colonists under the leadership of Elissa (Queen Dido). It became a large and rich city and thus a major power in the Mediterranean. The resulting rivalry with Syracuse and Rome was accompanied by several wars with respective invasions of each other's homeland. Hannibal's invasion of Italy in the Second Punic War culminated in the Carthaginian victory at Cannae and led to a serious threat to the continuation of Roman rule over Italy; however, Carthage emerged from the conflict at its historical weakest. After the Third Punic War, the city was destroyed by the Romans in 146 BC. However, the Romans refounded Carthage, which became one of the three most important cities of the Empire and the capital of the short-lived Vandal kingdom. It remained one of the most important Roman cities until the Muslim conquest when it was destroyed a second time in AD 698.
Carthage is the enemy of Rome
by guess-zizu September 27, 2009
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When you put extra salt on a salty meal, and your senses cannot comprehend the sheer amount of salt so they rot in place.
Person 1: You want some salt with that?
Person 2: Yeah um make sure to Carthage it
Person 1: that's a bad idea
by Уαheց October 22, 2018
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A town in North Carolina full of rednecks and drug dealers that is tight as hell.
Carthage is the shit, bitch
by Khronic March 12, 2006
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known as the Gas Capital of the United States and the friendliest spot in the world. We have it all--temperate weather, lots of jobs, good schools and churches, and the world famous Texas Country Music Hall of Fame. The rural setting of our town offers plenty of Texas hospitality and is a great place to settle down or just visit for a while.
Carthage Pride!!Texas Proud!!
by adhibbs July 31, 2008
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