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''OLS! Dylan just asked Rose out!"
"I just failed my math test..OLS!"
by daddyshrek June 06, 2016
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Over Active Libido syndrome, when a persons sex drive is so powerful that when randomly aroused, the only way to calm down from their arousal is to release their pent up energy aka orgasm
"dude have u guy's seen jessica's rack?"
"did u guys say something about boobs?"
"yeah? oh crap dude forgot about ur over OLS"
"damn it now i gotta go masturbate"
"or get jessica to help u" XD
by JoeMamaInk December 17, 2010
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an overgrown human-mutt that has a severe lack in hygiene products. mostly find in denia at haifa, using a personal elevator.
wtf, ols just used his elevator to get from floor 1 to floor 2 on his house.
by Noam July 04, 2004
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"On Line Sleeping" is falling asleep at the keyboard while online. Typically experienced by avid MMORPG players who are playing marathon sessions.
Zeus is online but won't answer my IM's. I think he may be OLS and need a GM to boot him off.
by Raavak Darkstorm September 13, 2010
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