32 definitions by Jono

To urinate. The act of urination. Typically used by young children.
Origins: Yiddish/Polish/Eastern European.
See also bop.
I need to pip. Where is the toilet?
by Jono March 27, 2005
A woman, sometimes a lesbian, who can commonly be seen with a mullet hair style. Usually belives that men are usless and have strong political views against men.
That dyke kicked those three guys' asses.
by Jono December 13, 2003
when you fart and poo comes out a bit only to be re-inserted by the sphincter
stop spackling rachael its really annoying
by Jono June 16, 2004
A j-rock band makes great songs made songs in naruto and full metal alchemist openings
twelve,loop & loop, haruka kanata
by Jono December 23, 2004
A long and tiresome walk.
Origin: Yiddish.
It's a bit of a schlep from here to the shop.
by Jono March 27, 2005
miss - a single female, not married, not wanted

bitter - sour, ugly, see evil

missbitter - an irc user that likes to finger her anal live on webcam on irc
for an example message missbiter on irc
by Jono January 4, 2004
good. cool. mint. fuckin amazin ect
that was fuckin nec!!!
by Jono November 27, 2003