1. a censored version of the word shit. Often used on web forums or chat rooms to avoid swearing filters.

2. A dismissal of given rumour or gossip, much the same as bullshit, made for use on a virtual enviroment.
1. "THIS FORUM IS ****!... Whoops, I mean sh!t...

2. "Hey, I heard that Thomas had raw butt sex with Adam in the showers after gym class!"
"No, that's utter sh!t"
by CyberElectric January 16, 2005
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Shit. USed with an exclamation mark in place of an I.
Holy sh!t
This sh!t sucks
by Jon November 30, 2003
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Sh!t Lamer/Hacker speak for Shit and Sh*t
Holly Sh!t Balls Batman!

Ohhh Sh!t he just schooled joo a$$
by IloserMan August 14, 2004
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Alternative spelling for "Shit". For use in online game room and chat rooms, where bad language is not permited.
Instead of typing "Shit" And "****" appears. You type "Sh!t" and "Sh!t" appears.
by Vandie August 07, 2006
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another great example of an exclamatory word to be used profusely. (its another way to enrich our vocab)
Holy sh*t batman.
by i October 27, 2003
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