1. a censored version of the word shit. Often used on web forums or chat rooms to avoid swearing filters.

2. A dismissal of given rumour or gossip, much the same as bullshit, made for use on a virtual enviroment.
1. "THIS FORUM IS ****!... Whoops, I mean sh!t...

2. "Hey, I heard that Thomas had raw butt sex with Adam in the showers after gym class!"
"No, that's utter sh!t"
by CyberElectric January 16, 2005
Shit. USed with an exclamation mark in place of an I.
Holy sh!t
This sh!t sucks
by Jon November 30, 2003
Sh!t Lamer/Hacker speak for Shit and Sh*t
Holly Sh!t Balls Batman!

Ohhh Sh!t he just schooled joo a$$
by IloserMan August 15, 2004
Alternative spelling for "Shit". For use in online game room and chat rooms, where bad language is not permited.
Instead of typing "Shit" And "****" appears. You type "Sh!t" and "Sh!t" appears.
by Vandie August 7, 2006
A pious person's attempt at swearing
Oh sh*t, I forgot my Bible at the church.
by Gabriel September 16, 2003
another great example of an exclamatory word to be used profusely. (its another way to enrich our vocab)
Holy sh*t batman.
by i October 28, 2003