Ahh I'm out of condoms, can you run over to Walgreens really fast?
by Sharpstick February 15, 2006
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A drug store started in Chicago in 1901, today one of the largest in the USA. Known for their great customer service and ubiquity.
Hey, let's go to the Walgreens and buy some of their buy-one-get-one-free shit!
by FunkyGoodThyme March 8, 2007
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Past tense of the Verb: To Walgreen
When an industry or person obnoxiously places their buisness directly beside a smaller sized buisness of the same type just to destroy and mooch off the current establishment's customers. Such as Walgreen's consistently does to CVS and other competitors.
Wow, that little Presbyterian Church just got Walgreened by that new Baptist Mega-Church, what a dick move!
by ItsJustNotOkay June 15, 2011
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a place that makes you want to steal stuff
what is it about walgreens, the second you walk in there you just wanna steal?
by chris T na June 21, 2007
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the only place on earth where you can pay more for a prescription than you can sell it for on the streets.
..."walgreens is a drug dealer in every sense of the word"...
by a-wheezy October 1, 2007
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a handjob. As Walgreen's is to Duane Reade, so the handjob is to intercourse.
I thought we were gonna fuck but neither of us had any latex so I just wound up checking the oil and getting a Walgreen's.
by Mitt Flack December 17, 2007
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