When a person dates numerous people but is in no serious relationships.
Michael was almost happy that his girlfriend broke up with him because he was looking forward to playing the field.
by Bruwres July 23, 2009
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To search for something out of a selection of alternatives
I'm going to "play the field" for a while before I choose my wife
by gas September 12, 2003
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When a person juggles multiple romantic relationships with different people at once. Playing the field involves the player actually going on dates and is actively engaging in the relationships instead of just hooking up (see thot or fuckbuddy)
As he moved to the city, he began playing the field with lots of women before getting caught
by thelionking____ November 3, 2022
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the romantic and sexual pursuit of middle aged women.
Girls my own age have always been intimidated by me, but I've had much more success after I started playing center field.
by assmurderer September 14, 2011
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a situation in which everyone has the same chance of succeeding
If the tax systems are different in each European country, how can industries start on a level playing field?
by 123456789#*+ February 19, 2018
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If the girl is old enough to have 'grass on the field' than she has reached puberty and has pubic hairs, making her 'game'.
"is your girl old enought?"
"Hey... if there is grass on the playing field, then play ball"
by bhgtbtbhtbhtnh July 26, 2006
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