Something that is ineffective, shitty, worthless, low quality, defective.
This Jeep is sick but it gets 12 miles per gallon. The gas millage is bunk.

I bought some weed from dealer and he said it was gas but it was bunk. He just lost my business.
by LordQuisiModo October 4, 2020
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Used to describe something shitty.
That weed was bunk
by Linz February 22, 2004
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when something is "stupid" "crappy or "dumb"
"Man, that's Bunk that the cops busted us, BUNK!"
by Starla Blue November 18, 2004
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Something totally stupid, not cool, or retarded.
Your friend jumps off a mountain.

"Man that was bunk."
by J to the C June 15, 2004
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when your friend or teammate is weak or says something really stupid often
Bruh the boy Jamal's game is bunk dawg
by BSpittin March 15, 2016
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A drug that does not get you high.
me: Lets get some shit?
my sis: I bet you its going to be some Bunk beds! I'm tired of wasting my money!!
by mostwuntd June 19, 2010
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