FLABBERGASTED is defined as when your heart jumps with surprise at an amazingly unique difference in your life; often a change or surprise!
I was FLABBERGASTED when I got a letter from Harvard University saying that I'm in!
by Queen/Cupcakes/Sister February 21, 2017
When someone is not just shocked or surprised--but extremly surprised by a situation, verbal responses, etc.
Jan: Man I'm so flabbergasted that I had sex.
by asadmoon September 11, 2008
To be greatly confused, surprised, or astonished. Or even a mix of all.
When I told Andy The Nerd that I got a higher test grade than him, he was FLABBERGASTED!
by pull up in a ford focus April 5, 2022
The act of being surprised, shocked or amazed.
Susannah: I was so flabbergasted when maddy raped me, i screamed and then died.
by thisamazinglifenow February 7, 2010