The custom or condition of having only one mate in an intimate relationship, of being dedicated to a single partner.
Monogamy is a traditional ideal in various societies, yet many people in these societies are not monogamous.

Cheating (being involved with someone else, with secrecy and deception) is a destructive way to be nonmonogamous. On the other hand, swinging and polyamory (types of responsible nonmonogamy based on the knowledge and consent of everyone involved) are viable choices for some people.
by Grinning Cat March 7, 2008
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marriage with only one person at a time, and the practice of only having one mate.
Because he didn't want a threesome, He showed to be manogamous.

An orgy is the the total opposite of monogamy.
by Rebeca December 30, 2006
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What happens when your woman "just can't take it anymore", but you want to keep having sex.
Jen: Do you believe in monogamy?
Brad: Why?...
Jen: I don't want sex if you don't want to be monogamous.
Brad: Sure- monogamy's my one true love, honey... Besides you of course.

Jen: *awwwwwww*
by mspessimist May 8, 2011
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Monogamy, like bigamy is also defined as having one wife too many.
He practiced monogamy. He has one wife.
by Gandalf2349 December 20, 2005
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monogamy means to only have one sexual partner.Humans are usually married for that state, especially men
need to marry women since the women have so many other options(mostly thirsty beta males)which they keep as backup, stupid Stacy. If you can get women easily you don't have to worry about that since women are jealous as shit not wanting other women to have you and if she spreads her legs you have options, so be Alpha please.
Ey this bitch Stacy ended a year old relationship, slept with an alpha guy after 20 minutes of meeting him and I had to wait 3 weeks buying her stuff.All this because she couldn't consider monogamy as an option.
by MrSuccessful August 4, 2019
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When you are in a relationship and sleep with other people but always tell your significant other about it.
Aldous- yes, i had sex with other people, but i always told her about it. Monogamy!!
by DJKrazyK July 22, 2010
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Ethical monogamy is the practice of having only one relationship at a time that is carried out in an honest, authentic, genuine, caring and respectful manner.
In contrast to 'ethical non-monogamy' (and perhaps 'irresponsible monogamy'), people are emotionally and sexually involved with only one person at a time and have a strong sense of responsibility for how they impact one another's lives.

Ensuring both individuals are in a state where they feel fully informed about the others current feelings and status of their relationship is an important aspect of ethical monogamy. Regular check-in's and conversations are used to help both partners feel secure and healthy in their relationship.

This term has risen out of an era of disconnected, detached and damaging dating and relationship formats. If a relationship were to turn into an 'unethical state' or damaging place for either party, there is no longer an expectation that the relationship should continue in any way, shape or form.
by ponylegs007 September 18, 2018
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