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1. The past-tense of blueball.
When a guy is worked up sexualy, yet has to endure stopping before he's finished, for whatever reason.
Not a fun experiance
-Do not try at home-
I was getting head from Hannah last night, but then her parents came home and we had to stop. I got fuckin blueballed.
by Thadanator September 03, 2004
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Intentional arousal of a male almost to the point of release, but denying ejaculation for a prolonged time to greatly intensify the final climax. Used often in BDSM, female on male or male-on-male in gay sexual games. Standard in the male tickling fetish community, it produces prolonged, heavy ejaculation in the highly sought-after male "double orgasm".
After being tickled blue balled for an hour, his incredible orgasm made him pass out.
by teetiger August 25, 2008
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having been shot down before fulfillment
"Graduation Blue-Balled"

When graduation is tomorrow and you discover you've flunked a class.

"Lunch Blue-Balled"

When you show up to a cafe, famished and they are closed or you forgot they only take cash.
by all my names were used December 06, 2008
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