Anna gives free blowies, i wanted a blowie so i told anna dont talk just blow, she is giving free blowies tonight
by pembrokeanna March 6, 2010
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Blowing candles out like a baby. If u were thinking of anything else then I respect you a lot
by bobCannotBildIt October 27, 2018
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Something a girl gives a guy on a moon lit night on his sogie wet penis she licks his sogie juicie wet slimy penis
Miss give me a blowie

No Adam I'm you're teacher not prostitute
by Jeff the blowie December 16, 2019
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Its a mixture between blow job and wow wi
Bro she gave me the meanest blowie
by ben fellows July 12, 2009
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oral sex, in other words the sucking of the penus
if you see sum choong yatty and you want a blow-job you say "r u on blowies" ya ge me, da bloodcloot
by William O'Hanlon January 15, 2004
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a blowy is a word used to discribe giving head but fucking hell it is a good word to use usually spelt ''blowie''
fucking hell i got a blowy on friday
yeah yesturday i had a blowy day but not a blowy your lucky
go tell some cunt who gives a toss cause if you think i do you can stick that up your jacksie and blow me
nooooo i didn't mean it like that
by Jackroll March 31, 2006
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A device used commonly when smoking pot in an area user's do not wish to get caught.
Made by using a toilet paper roll and covering one end with a laundry sheet such as "bounce" or "tide" sheets. Another laundry sheet is pressed inside the tube so when the user exhales into the blowie, the smoke comes out smelling nice and fresh.
by CoreyR October 6, 2006
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