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A kid in my class is a water slapper
by jgyhsref January 22, 2020
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Smoking weed through a small metal tube placed in a bottle with water. With a cut piece of cigarette as stopper and pot packed on top.
Marvin: Hey wanna pop some yatties?
Bill: sure do!
by Kley September 12, 2006
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A verb derived from the word Yat, meaning someone from New Orleans. Yatty means a very New Orleanian-type person, usually derogatory in use.
Similar to "fratty" used to describe a frat boy.
by some texan September 09, 2009
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A jizz-drinking MXican who's overly concious of his sexuality
MXicans: /me play Truth or Dare
Yatty: /me drinks own semen
by JDZ July 10, 2004
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