1) Crap.
2) A lie.
3) Used in computer science to describe crappy software. See also: bloatware.
My new computer was loaded with a whole batch of free-to-try software. I immediately remove that sort of bloat when I see it.
by Pieter DD September 14, 2008
a group of friends, your squad, you besties
Hey mom, me and my bloat are hanging out tonight!
by swagkoala February 28, 2017
1) Bloat is a commonly used phrase in north-west England to describe weed or cocaine. (It can also be used for other drugs but this is less common)
2) Bloat is sometimes used as a replacement for any word within a persons sentence.
1) Guy 1: "I'm getting some bloat at the weekend."

Guy 2: "Get me on that!"

2) Guy 1: "I'm tired as bloat after working with that new customer all day."

Guy 2: "Yeah I know what you mean, he was a right dick."
by Japanese Fingered Trap March 29, 2017
Swelling of the abdominal region usually caused by a surplus of water in the body's system, certain types of food, constipation, or as a side effect of the ever dreaded period.
I can't wear any of my cute clothes this week because I'll look like a whale due to bloating.
by TheNerdyDancer February 9, 2014
When you eat to much and your stomach gets big.
girl: I ate so much I am bloated
by xoxo gi May 31, 2019
When someone eats a ton of food and their stomach expands
Scott had finished thanksgiving dinner with his dad.
He leaned back and bleached loudly before running his bloated stomach

stuffed food baby
by ethansawsome2002 June 15, 2016
Used in computer terms to mean having way more features than you would ever use to the extent of slowing down the system
by Moe Dean March 18, 2004