18 definitions by xoxo gi

Basic girls on Instagram comment this on peoples posts when they are desperate for likes.
girl: lfl?
guy: no go away
by xoxo gi May 30, 2019
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The best show ever. Most people watch it on YouTube.
Teacher: what did you do this weekend

Me: love island
by xoxo gi October 20, 2019
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National no homo day. I recommend you kiss your best friend 🥵❤️❤️
Friend 1: why did we just make out
Friend 2: cause it’s October 23
by xoxo gi October 20, 2019
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"Ok" is used when you best friend is mad at you and she doesn't want to talk to you.
girl: I just saw End game
friend: ok
by xoxo gi May 30, 2019
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Only the best person in the world. If your friends with a Isa your really lucky.
Boy: I’m looking for a gf

Me: date Isa
by xoxo gi August 18, 2019
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Gracie is a girl who seems like a open book, but actually there is a lot more to her then you think. She loves everyone and wants the best for everyone but, if you hurt her she will have a bunch of friends to protect her. Her friends love her and you would want to be friends with her because she treats her friends well. She can be awkward at times but, for the most part she is super funny and very social. If you are mean to a Gracie or say a rude comment, you will truly ruin her day. But, all you have to do to make it up is apologize and she will forgive you. She likes to hang out with her friends but, also loves to be by herself. Gracie doesn't really care about her looks, her go to outfit is leggings and a lose top. She often has trouble talking to boys, especially her crush. If you meet a Gracie, you will find your self smiling thinking about her.
girl 1: I hate Gracie she is so annoying
girl 2: Shut up you don't even know her
by xoxo gi May 30, 2019
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The best friends ever. They are the closest people to each other, and everyone is jealous of them.
Isa: Gracie is my best friend
Gracie: hell yeah I am

Girl: I am jealous of Gracie and Isa
by xoxo gi May 30, 2019
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